Autumn To Do List



It’s officially my favorite month of the whole year and autumn is in full swing here in Milwaukee; So, of course in typical blogger fashion, be ready for TON’S of fall themed post’s and reading about all the things I’ll be doing to keep busy this season. These options are some of the thing’s going on locally that I’ll definitely be attending but, adjust as you please.


-Pumpkin Patch (Obviously)

-Haunted House

-Harry Potter weekend (Yes, this will need to be a whole weekend and yes, your own personal butterbeer is a must!)

-Bake (Include all the pumpkin you can)

-Bonfire game night

-Cine Sin Fronteras


-Farmers market

-Mazorca Harvest Fest (If you’re in Milwaukee)

-Halloween Movies/Hot chocolate


-Decorate your house to fit the season

-Work on a new wardrobe for winter

-Most importantly stay motivated & positive. Even though I love the fall the gloominess can really get to you so find thing’s that will keep you sane.


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