Midwest Lex Does London

So, as some of you may or may not know,’ Midwest Lex’ has left the midwest. I’ve been in London for a month now, and it has easily been one of the best but hardest transitions of my life. 

If you follow me on social media (Shameless plug @midwestlex_ across the board), you’d assume I’m having the best time of my life abroad. But, I think it’s time to get a bit more personal and real about my experience so far and with my life in general. 

For a quick back story on how I got here, two of my biggest goals in life were to A. Make it to Europe, and B.Study fashion in a leading fashion industry. Both of which I’ve just ticked off my list by making my way here. So yes, I am in London for studying purposes. I figured living/studying in a different country would be an entirely different experience than just visiting one. 

Now, I know most people would write about how amazing their first weeks have been (which in a way, they have been) but, I’m here to tell you that it’s not always as glamorous as it seems even if what we post on social media leads you to believe it is. I remember feeling so much pressure at first, to make it look like I was having the best time, but I wasn’t.  

Week one and two were by far the hardest. I had been dealing with A LOT of homesickness and loneliness. It seemed like everyone around me was doing okay, adjusting, making friends, you know..the stuff you usually see or hear about when you ask people about their experience. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for me. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Some day’s I was having the best time exploring the city, and then the next I wanted to isolate myself and go home.

It took me a few day’s to realize that one, not everyone’s experiences are the same and two, I’m allowed to feel what I need to and accept the change at my own pace. I’m not typically a person that does well with emotions. Usually, I push them aside, but this time I didn’t let myself do that. I cried A TON, I forced myself to talk to new people, and finally, I decided I didn’t want to be sad anymore. 

When you’re so used to your life in a specific place with specific people, and you leave it, life really throws you for a loop. I never realized how difficult being away from home would be until well, being away. Being a very introverted person in an entirely different country with absolutely no one you know by your side was, THE hardest adjustment I think I had to make. I had to challenge my dependence (that come to realize, I never really had) and bring it to life. I couldn’t wait for people to make me happy/ forget; I had to take charge of MY life and do that alone. I’m not going to get cheesy about how ‘we create the life we want’ but, we do. 

Fast forward to a month in; things are MUCH better. I’ll admit, I still get lonely, I don’t fit in a ton, I still miss my family and friends but, that’s okay I’m having the best time making a life of my own. The separation from the life I was used to was necessary to focus on the development I needed to make. I spent so much time back home, focusing on other people want’s, and need’s that I never did that for myself. I can confirm that taking the leap across the pond has been the best decision of my life. 

To wrap thing’s up, I understand that not everyone can move to another country to “find themselves” but remember, your life is 1/1. It’s vital to take the time to focus on yourself. There is no need for comparison, no need to front on social media, and no need to fake emotions. Take life as it comes and deal with it at your own pace and remember, “If it’s not okay in the end, it’s not the end.”  

Since I’ve finally settled in, I hope that you guy’s follow me along for the rest of my journey!

Xx Lex

Trends to Have This Fall

We all know that fall and winter easily take the cake for the best trends (whether we admit it or not… it’s the truth like YES, give me all the layers!) A little late but, I have rounded up the top fall trends that you NEED to have in your wardrobe this season. I’m not sure if it’s the coziness of the materials, the tones, or the actual pieces themselves but, I genuinely believe this is the time for everyone to get their Pinterest-y style on lock.

Let’s get the obvious one out the way, animal print. More specifically leopard and snakeskin. I’ll admit that at first, I wasn’t into it. To be honest, it was almost unavoidable online and at stores so… I gave in, and clearly, I was happy about it. I wanted to embrace the fall vibes so, I pulled out my leather jacket, put on my favorite pair of black booties, and cinched in my waist with a belt, and I was ready to go.


Next up, chunky sneakers. This is the trend I know a lot of people dislike but I promise you, once you buy in you won’t regret it. I went with the Yeezy wave runners and I SWEAR, I wear these babies multiple times a week. A added bonus, they go with everything and they’re so comfortable.


Last but not least, a good leather jacket. Obviously this one is self explanatory and goes with E V E R Y T H I N G… clearly it’s the common denominator in all of my looks. This one goes without saying and should truly be in your wardrobe 24/7. Also, I know polka dots were all the rage in summer but, I’m still so obsessed.


There are many more trends that I can’t wait to share but for now, these are the ones you need to get a hold of.


What I’ve Learned This Far

It’s been a little over a month now that I’ve put out my blog (v proud of myself) but, throughout this month I’ve thought a lot about the positives and the negatives that are attached when you are or are trying to be a creator/creative person.

If you are a person that brings something into existence, you know there’s quite a bit of both; But, I’m going to focus a little more on the positives because, I want people that want to share their creativity and passions to do so, rather than scare them away. That’s what I’ve realized I want to pursue. Inspiring people to step out their comfort zones and be confident in a lot of different ways.

First on my list of pro’s, is being able to share your passions and talents with as many people in the world as you can reach and then some. Social media is such a fantastic tool (for better or for worse) to help share whatever it is you are putting out into the world. I want to inspire as many people as I can, whether it be in fashion or with lifestyle, I know it’d be harder to do so without social media. I haven’t finished college yet, but so much of my learning is done here online. It’s not a piece of paper, but it’s still useful. Society drills the thought that ‘the only way you can succeed is by finishing college’ and while I’m still a student, I don’t think my life would be in shambles without the validation of a degree. You can be and do anything you want to do.

On the opposing side of media, it gives more people access to you and your life. I’ve learned you need a thick skin when it comes to this. You cannot focus on what other’s are doing around you, monitor the time you’re spending behind the screen because that’s just as exhausting. I’ve realized, not everyone is going to love what you do, or support your decisions but, you learn to filter out whatever you don’t want to share and keep some things personal as well as filter out the people that weight you down and focus on the people that make you better.

Which leads me to the people you meet. For one, if you knew me two year’s ago, you would know I wasn’t at all the person I am now. I’ve come out of my basement (for those of you who know, know LOL.) and am a member of society. I never used to talk about my “creative” side because when I would, people thought it was weird or didn’t see the point in it. I remember wanting to have a blog and talking about it, but never really acted on it until the launch of FOUR THE CITY. Man, I’m so lucky I’ve found people that match my hunger to create. We’re a force to be reckoned with, collectively and within our niche. We motivate, inspire, and show love to one another. That’s a team. We create waves, not ride them. You’ll stumble across people trying to overshadow you, dull your shine, and plain out not give you credit for the ideas you put out when they take them, but if you find people that genuinely support you and are loyal to you, you have nothing to worry about. Your craft will speak for you, focus on that. Shout out the team! Extra big thanks to Patrick for alway’s doing work behind the lens & risking our safety. But that’s part of it, trying new thing’s, meeting new people, discovering yourself in new ways. I spend a lot of time writing about myself and my views that I’m learning thing’s I never really knew before about myself and my style.


Side note: As some of you know FOUR THE CITY teamed up with The Hunger Task Force to donate $4 from every tee sold to help feed kid’s this summer. I hope that if you haven’t ordered a tee yet, you take the time out to help us make a difference. We’re trying something entirely new because to us it’s more than just a t-shirt brand.

Lastly, you learn to better manage your time and energy. For those of you who don’t know yes, I work a regular 9-5 job. For me, that means I don’t always have time to sit and write, but I’ve realized that’s where my heart lies. I find myself constantly drafting ideas in my spare time and looking for new way’s to keep my passion for creating alive. I’m learning to give my time and energy to things that will help me do that.

My best advice to anyone trying to do the same is, never give up and surround yourself with people and things that make you hungry for life and nourish yourself enough to find your path. You have to work hard to achieve what’s in your head and make it a reality.