International Women’s Day: Who Run the World?


Happy International Women’s day babes! I think today presents the perfect opportunity to celebrate women as well as shed some light on the importance of women supporting women. We live in a generation where females are absolutely killing it. We are choosing not to follow society’s rules, breaking out of the mold’s that were made for us, making career and life choices for ourselves by ourselves. Idk about the rest of you but, that to me deserves to be acknowledged.

It’s days like today that should remind us all that we shouldn’t have to compete, judge, or tear down one-another down. Instead, we should uplift, empower, encourage and support our fellow females, which is precisely what I’m here to do today. It’s mind-boggling that in 2019 women are STILL fighting for equality, gender pay gaps, and battling everyday sexism. But, the reality is, we are. So, instead of the daily girl-on-girl drama(over stuff that is dumb and in 10 years we’ll forget), we should stand as one and fight for each other.

When you feel like you need a little more persuading, here are some of my favorite quotes & once again celebrate being a woman, today and everyday!

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