Don’t Worry, Be happy!

Monday, June 25th was  ‘Makes Me smile Day’ on Instagram. This day was to acknowledge and commemorate all the things that make life a little sweeter and a lot brighter. I feel like lately, it’s tough to find reasons to be happy with all the horrific stuff happening around the world. So, by default I had to come here and talk about all the things that make me smile in hope’s that you get to know me a little bit more and hopefully, to help put a smile on your face too. Plus, I’ve been crazy sick the last week so anything that’ll make me feel good, I’m all in!

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HARRY POTTER: If you know me you know, I’m a BIG fan. It will make or break some friendships for me FOR SURE! Anytime someone is down to talk fact’s I am all ears and ready to go! I have yet to visit any of the Harry Potter themed amusement parks *roll’s eyes* but it’s on my bucket list. Long story short, my brother and I started watching the movies together as kid’s/teens and it’s held a special place in my heart since.   9/10 times if I’m watching a movie it’s Harry Potter specifically Prisoner of Azkaban. Sirius Black is hand’s down my FAV character, so his introduction to the film makes this one my go-to!

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Brunch dates: I’m the queen of “let’s get brunch”! If I had to choose between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I will ALWAYS pick breakfast foods. Sweet Diner opened up late last year, and I finally had the chance to try it, AMAZING! It’s aesthetically pleasing too, so that was a perk. Definitely, a cute place to dress up and take cute Instagram pics too. C’mon, have you ever seen anyone this happy for brunch? Me either.

A good outfit: Afterall, I am a “fashion blogger.” Even though I blog about Fashion and Lifestyle, I’m not always ready for a fashion show 24/7. Like I’ve said before, I’m from the MidWest, so my style is VERY street style inspired. Even though I love my sneakers and joggers, I love when I can dress cute and step out of my regular chill clothes. I live by ” if you look good, you feel good” it’s honestly so true! If you’re ever sad put on a cute outfit or go shopping, it’ll make almost any mood better!


Lastly, MidWest Ultimately, being happy is a high priority for me, and nothing has brought as much joy into my life as my blog has and all the support I’ve received. When I think about what I want to do with my life, continuing to blog and create content is at the top of my list. Finding my path and focusing on myself and my desires has ultimately made me the happiest I’ve ever been!

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