Making Splash

I’ll be the first to say, neutrals are my go-to tones. Honestly, 8/10 times I’m wearing black or white.

But as of recently, I’m trying to incorporate more color without getting overwhelmed about how it looks. So, I found that using my accessories to add that splash of color to my outfit is what really makes me feel most confident without overthinking it and convincing myself I look like a clown (no offense to clowns).


I think a good balance to colors is definitely neutrals. If you have bright clothes or accessories, tone it down with the shoes. I went for brown sandals with a heel and I was IN LOVE!

I found that a Splash means just that; a little. It’s only been recent my love for color. I think it really goes back to not wanting to be “stand out”. I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself if it wasn’t needed. Now, I’m like “okay girl give me all the colors and all the patterns”. It’s not that I want the attention now, it’s just that I’m in love with me and in love with whatever I wear.

Honestly, adding the small pops of color has really helped me branch out to new styles and trends too. I used to HATE wearing earrings and now, I can’t get enough! Especially when they’re BIG and BOLD.


Sound off below and let me know some unique ways you incorporate color!


Images by Patrick Chaves (Check his IG)


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