Hey! I’m Alexa (Lex for short).

For starters, I am not a writer. I’m a girl from the Midwest that is an enthusiast of all things fashion, interior design, travel, and hosting related. I’m no expert but I’d like to think I know a thing or two. I am choosing to write about the things I love, the things that make me well…me! (While being grammatically incorrect I’m sure LOL.)

When I talk fashion, it’ll be from the plus-size perspective. As a plus size girl, I’ve learned to embrace the skin I’m in and rock whatever outfit I want confidently. For me it’s never been about the size I wear, rather the way I wear my size. My goal is for others to do the same.

For a little backstory, I was born and bred on the South Side of Milwaukee. A city of talent and potential that often get’s dismissed because we aren’t as big culture centers as Chicago, NY, or LA. You know, the places you hear people talk about fleeing to when they want to follow their dreams.

MKE is currently under major reconstruction. Whether it’s art installations, new shops, talent, or even a new stadium–it’s making room for change. So, I chose to bloom where I was planted and be part of the change.

While Milwaukee is where I spend most of my time, expect a good amount of travel post’s as well. (I’m a lifestyle blogger, after all.)  I’m the type of person that likes to switch things up and try to keep my life exciting and fresh. I make it a priority to visit a new place at least once or twice a year; A promise I made to myself back in 2013. Nothing keeps me as inspired as seeing new places and learning about; different cultures. I try to bring that back home and incorporate some of that to my everyday life whether it’s with my style or my room’s interior (Another thing I keep updated pretty often.) I constantly find new ways to mix it up.

I want to be able to document the moments that I feel most in love with myself. The moments I think other people would love to hear about. So, if you are a lover of fashion, travel, design, body positivity, party hosting, and planning. I would love for you to join me on this journey!




(A little preview into my life, and what’s to come!)

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