Four the City.

From as far back as I can remember I knew fashion and design in general was EVERYTHING to me. I love that everyone is so different, we are all individuals. It’s the coolest thing to me how we can make a single article of clothing our own… even if 100 people have it. Whether by mixing and matching, using prints or colors; you get to decide how YOU wear it. That electric feeling you get when you’re “Feeling yourself” is what motivates me to wear whatever I want to wear unapologetically. I knew this was always supposed to be my path, to be confident enough to talk about fashion and how I style my clothing without someone questioning me because of my size, my age, or my race, and often times even the city I live in. I want to use my voice in a positive way that would allow myself to be brave and also inspire others.

Then this project, titled Four One Four was created. A Milwaukee local had a vision and went for it.  (Check out his IG)A t-shirt motivated by dreams.” It’s about what the end result of never quitting can be. You have an idea and you run with it as far as you can. He did that; he had an idea, made a shirt, had a pop up, and brought the community together. I was fortunate enough to have been a part of the team of creatives it took to make this happen (Links all below).  It’s unlike anything I’ve ever been a part of and I’m forever grateful for the experience.


This all felt a lot like serendipity.  The story behind this shirt is what inspired me to “Go for it” to leave behind all the insecurities and do something I’ve wanted to do since I was young. To surround yourself with like minded people that want to make a city with so much potential, something more than a place that gets dismissed.

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I wanted to talk about clothing and how I make it my own, at any size in any place. If you’re from the Milwaukee area, you know laid-back street style is very much everyone’s go-to style. I’m super into the whole trend. So that’s what I went for with this look. A tee with a message, some boyfriend jeans, and sneakers (I grew up with only brothers so, you’ll learn sneakers and jeans is a reoccurring outfit of choice for me).

I know you’re all thinking, “Well let’s see pictures,” but truth is I’m a work in progress… I didn’t quite work out the kinks for this specific post. But, I hope that while I’m learning and experimenting, you’ll bear with me and join me on my journey. From fashion to all around life post similar to this, this is just the beginning. (Blog still under construction)

I understand not everyone is going to relate to this if they aren’t from 414. But, for me.. Milwaukee is home. SO, my first post is 4 the City.

Scan 5

(official introduction to myself and blog will be released 5/1…this is just a teaser.)



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